Remote Learning Education

During school closures it is important to engage with your whole school community. Having a comprehensive parental engagement strategy means providing a simple, low maintenance way for teachers, students and parents to communicate. Facilitating discussions about schoolwork, remote learning and general wellbeing should provide reassurance to parents and students whilst also helping to ensure the best outcomes for each student.

A remote classroom solution like Everest can transcend traditional boundaries. It provides the means for your school to deliver an online curriculum with live timetabled lessons. Using links to Microsoft Teams for Education, via the Everest App, makes eLearning easy and students can enjoy engaging in live lessons with their teachers and peers.

To reinforce learning and help assess students’ knowledge Everest gives teachers comprehensive homework management tools. With the facility to publish supporting information, for students to access via the App, and the option to ask for clarification or extra help, teachers have an easy way to engage with students and their parents. This facilitates an open dialogue between home and school, helping teachers see how subject matter and resources are understood, and each student can best be supported, in line with DfE guidance.

Using Everest teachers can access SIMS online for key information on students and contacts, from most devices with an internet connection. This gives schools a great deal of flexibility, keeps costs to a minimum and most importantly allows the learning journey to continue no matter what.

Teachers find Everest provides a simple and efficient interface to engage with SIMS. When it is time to take the class register, award an achievement, log a behaviour incident or enter assessment marks and comments for reporting Everest is intuitive to use. There is little training needed, it supports collaborative working and there is no duplication of data or effort.

“When Covid-19 hit, we were in the middle of our school holidays and were quickly faced with the situation of converting our bricks and mortar school into an online school. This posed many challenges for all members of the community. Everest provided us with an effective means to communicate with students and parents, issue work, and continue our reporting and assessment cycle. Everest has an easy to use interface which means that students and parents can easily find the work that is required of them and receive direct communcations from their teachers.

The homework module has enabled teachers to colect, mark, feedback, and return student work. As many of our teachers were operating in many different countries and time zones, this allowed us to work effectively from where they were located. Despite being away from the school for a number of weeks, we are still able to collate student grades and create reports in order to ensure learning is taking place.”

Mark Jones, Director of Teaching and Learning, Suzhou, China (11th March 2020)

Teachers can use Everest from their web portal, and can easily:

  • Issue homework, eLearning materials, resources to students
  • Make parents aware of the work that has been issued so that they can provide support
  • Mark and return work from students and then capture their marks/grades
  • Have a supporting dialog with students/parents about schoolwork
  • View parent contact details, student information and other key indicators
  • Send app and email communications to students, parents and other teachers
Students and parents can sign into Everest via their phone/tablet app or the web portal and collaborate with their teachers to ensure that learning continues to take place. Live lessons can be delivered using Microsoft Teams for Education launched from within Everest and its timetable structure.
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